Calgary best keratin smoothing treatment and Relaxers.

When it comes to your hair, you need to find a Chemical technician you can trust. This is especially true when it comes to relaxing your hair. Chemical relaxers are dangerous if not handled properly, so trying to apply them on your own or relying on non-expert assistance can lead to damage, scalp burns, or even your hair falling out. This is why it’s extremely important that you seek out professional technicians. Salon Pure has years of experience with applying relaxers .    We use none toxic chemical It contain ( 0%formaldehyde ) and offer up to 90 % reduction of the curls and 95 % reduction of frizz .

 Many other salons employ stylist but not master chemical technicians who aren’t familiar enough with relaxers and occasionally damage their clients’ hair. Our clients have no complaints and keep coming back month after month and year after year. This is because our technicians know how important your hair is to you and take the most care when applying relaxers.

as there are many different types of relaxers, and keratin treatment  to achieve different results so that’s why

We require a consultation booking first  prior to the service 10-15 min  with our highly qualified technicians then we will look into scheduling the service appointment. The consultation is to important to examine your scalp and understand your hair Texture, porosity, density and the length of your hair . so we can provide you with an exact accurate quotation for the cost.  also to understand your expectation and desire results and your hair history if you had other treatment you may had in the past . Our general prices for this luxury treatment starts at 350 and up for short hair .450 and up for medium hair.  650 and up for long to extra long thick hair  time for treatment is 2 1/2 hours up to 4 hours as it is intensive Labor-based Service . treatment last 3 to 5 months .  consultation booking first then we will be scheduling a service appointment

 So call to book free consultation appointment and come in to see us. 403 2664344  .  we are haircare professionals and experts who you can trust to treat your hair as well as we would treat our own. We are the best salon around and we guarantee that our Calgary clients will be happy with our work.

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