Bringing life to your look.

the stylist at salon pure live to make you look your best. There is nothing we like more then turning your flop of a mop into an exquisite pice of art.

Your hair is your most important accessory. Whatever you wear, your hair is the one accessory that you always take with you. It frames your face and tells the people around you more about your personal style than you may realize. A clean classic cut gives an air of responsibility and professionalism while a Contemporary cut that is more edgy and modron gives the impression of being fashionable and youthful. Whether you are looking for the most cutting edge hair styles or to get a more traditional, classic haircut that has always spoken to you, Salon Pure is there for the fashion conscious individuals of Calgary.

Are you unsure what type of haircut would best fit you? The stylists at Salon Pure are ready and waiting to help you with your decision. They will guide you through the process to find the kind of hair that is the most flattering for your unique facial features and bone structure.

Styling that Lasts

Getting a haircut that suits you is wonderful but having one that can last is even better. Whenever the stylists at Salon Pure style the hair of our Calgary clientele we always provide them with a few tips to maintain their look from home. A little bit of effort makes all the difference to preserve the great look of your hair.

Treat Yourself

Are you having a bad day, week or month? Sometimes all you need is to do something for yourself. A little styling, a haircut and some pampering can make all the difference. You may think that you don’t have the time to treat yourself but if it gives you that little boost you need then it is worth it. If you have more confidence then all the other stresses in life are just that much easier to handle.

If you are in Calgary then give Salon Pure a call.